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Does this sound familiar…Meditation doesn’t work for me! I can’t clear my mind! I start to meditate and a hundred things pop into my head…I can never get to a point of having no thoughts and having peace of mind.

Well, guess what, you were doing it right (at least initially) and that IS what’s supposed to happen!

Within our subconscious mind we have two different types of thoughts (actually they are more like seeds of thought). We have positive seeds (love, happiness, joy, acceptance, contentment, peace etc) and negative seeds (anger, resentment, jealously, rejection, bitterness etc). Things happen to us during the day that water specific seeds in our subconscious mind and cause them to grow into thoughts and feelings in our conscious mind. And we react to these thoughts. Now, one important thing to remember is that positive and negative thoughts cannot exist in the conscious mind at the same time. One thought form will take dominance. We cannot be truly happy and pissed off at the same time. AND energy attracts like energy…the more time that you spend dwelling on negative thoughts, the more time the Universe will surround you with negative energy.

SO, the REAL PURPOSE of meditation IS TO RECOGNIZE the negative thought forms that have manifested in your conscious mind and to release them…to reduce them back to seeds in your subconscious mind. Only then will you start to experience mindfulness and peace of mind…a quiet mind.

SO, HOW do we get rid of these negative thoughts?!? It’s actually quite simple, although it goes against our natural instinct. You simply name the thought form (the feeling) and you DO NOT TRY AND JUSTIFY IT!!! You simply NAME IT AND RELEASE IT. For example, maybe someone did something to you and you feel resentment and anger. So, you sit down and meditate and thoughts of the situation pop in your mind. Your first instinct is to rationalize why you are right and the other person is wrong. DO NOT DO THIS, EVER!!! This feeds the negative thought form. INSTEAD, name it and empower yourself to not have to justify it. For example you can say: ahh “anger” and “resentment” I see you and acknowledge your presence and you are no longer needed. I don’t have to explain or justify the situation that occurred – it simply occurred, goodbye.

Believe it or not, with practice, it becomes that simple. When we start to justify a situation we feed thought forms. When we stop justifying situations, we reduce negative thought forms back to seeds in our subconscious mind. When you no longer feel like you have to justify things, you become so free…your mind becomes so relaxed. Once negative thoughts are reduced to seeds, positive seeds will grow and manifest into positive thought forms.

One of the secrets to life is to keep as many positive thought forms manifested as possible. And that my friends is a challenge given the society that we live in!

One last thing, ALWAYS sit in a comfortable position when you meditate. NEVER feel like you have to sit in some uncomfortable yoga pose. The mind cannot clear itself when the body is in pain!! The key is to sit in silence and to sit in such a way that your body is comfortable.

We hope this was helpful! ?Share it if you know of others who would benefit from the real technique of meditation.

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