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ABRA-MELIN Oil for Consecration, Bindings, & Spirit Communication (15ml) (French Manuscript)


By Lailokens Awen

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ABRA-MELIN Oil is used for the Abra-Melin Operation, consecrating magical tools, or for bindings, pacts, and communicating with spirits.

Made on the day and in the hour of the Sun.

This oil, taken from the Book of Abra-Melin, which tells the story of an Egyptian Magician who taught a system of magic to Abraham of Worms, Germany, c1362-1458, comes from the less reliable French manuscript source.

This is the ‘Mathers’ recipe, from his mistranslation of the French manuscript, the result being the inclusion of Galangal in place of Calamus Root. The resulting symbolism changes from one of fertility to one of union with the absolute.

100% organic

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