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Affaire du Coeur Pendant (Swarovski Crystal)


by Alchemy of England


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A dark and Delphic romance of the heart; an assignation between two strange and exotic creatures from another place, amorous beneath the stars in the night sky.

A large pewter heart pendant, the center piece enameled in a transparent midnight blue and surrounded by an antiqued pewter Baroque frame with a skull profile on either side. A black Swarovski crystal teardrop is suspended below  the pendant which hangs from a pewter bale on a 32″long chain.

Approximate Dimensions: Width 1.69″ x Height 3.03″ x Depth 0.55″
Chain: 32″
Materials: Pewter, Midnight Blue Stone, and Black Dropper

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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 in

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