Anatomy of a Witch


A Map to the Magical Body

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Embodied Witchcraft for Wisdom, Connection & Power

This book is a guide to the most magical tool in your possession—your body. Not just your physical flesh-and-blood body, but also your symbolic Witch body, the conduit for bringing the material and metaphysical worlds together. Within these pages, you will explore hands-on magical practices, exercises, and sigils related to your Witch Lungs, Heart, Bones, Mind, and the spiraling path of your inner Serpent.

Magic flows most freely when you are in tune with your intuition and the power of your true self. Through dozens of activities, prompts, spells, and rituals, Anatomy of a Witch helps you connect with the seen and unseen worlds, your ancestors, and your living community. Discover the profound correspondences between your body, the mythos of tarot, and the five elements. Practice rituals and activities for protection, warding, rebalancing your home, and embracing your body, despite the limiting beliefs that society foists upon us. This book teaches you how to tap into your personal power as you make a pilgrimage to the inner workings of your true self.

Includes a foreword by Christopher Penczak, bestselling author of The Temple of Witchcraft series

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By Kelley · ★★★★★ · May 15, 2021
Anatomy of a Witch was the book I needed at this particular time in my life and witchy journey. It’s the kind of companion I didn’t know I was looking for, to help me not only understand the power and magic within my physical body, but to allow me to open up and embrace it with the love and acceptan ..

By Síochánta · ★★★★★ · June 27, 2021
This book has a unique approach to witchcraft. While most witchcraft books focus on the mind as the (alleged) most powerful tool of the witch, with meditation and other exercises,”Anatomy of a Witch“ focusses on the whole body, showing how powerful it is. There are five main sections: “Witch Lungs“ …

Pub Date: June 2021

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