Aradia: The Gospel of the Witches


By Charles Leland

If Gerald Brosseau Gardner is the father of the religion that calls itself Wicca, then Charles Godfrey Leland is the grandfather of Witchcraft as a religion in the English?speaking world, and his small book, Aradia, is that religion?s birth-announcement.

This 1899 classic has become a foundational document of modern Wicca and id the first work in English?in which Witchcraft is portrayed as an underground old religion, surviving in secret from ancient Pagan times.

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Table of Contents

Chapter I: How Diana Gave Birth to Aradia (Herodias)

  • Of the suffering of Mankind, and how Diana sent Aradia on earth to relieve them by teaching resistance and sorcery
  • Poem addressed to Mankind
  • How to invoke Diana or Aradia

Chapter II: The Sabbat – Treguenda or Witch-Meeting

  • How to Consecrate the Supper
  • Conjuration of the Meal and of Salt
  • Invocation to Cain
  • Conjuration of Diana and to Aradia

Chapter III: How Diana Made the Stars and the Rain

Chapter IV: The Charm of Stones Consecrated to Diana

  • The Incantation of Perforated Stones
  • The Spell or Conjuration of the Round Stone

Chapter V: The Conjuration of the Lemon and Pins

  • Incantation to Diana

Chapter VI: A Spell to Win Love

Chapter VII: To Find or Buy Anything, or to Have Good Fortune Thereby

Chapter VIII: To Have a Good Vintage and Very Good Wine by the Aid of Diana

Chapter IX: Tana and Endamone, or Diana and Endymion

Chapter X: Madonna Diana

  • A Legend of Cettardo, and how Diana appeared with ten Bridesmaids to give away a Bride
  • Incantation to Dianna for a Wedding

Chapter XI: ?The House of the Wind

  • Showing how Diana rescued a Lady from Death at the House of the Wind in Volterra

Chapter XII: Tana or Diana, the Moon Goddess

Chapter XIII: Diana and the Children

Chapter XIV: The Goblin Messengers of Dianna and Mercury

Chapter XV: Laverna

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