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Astral Travel for Beginners: Transcend Time and Space with Out-of-Body Experiences


by Richard Webster

What you’ve done thousands of times in your sleep can now become a totally conscious experience with the help of this handy guidebook. You’ll soon learn to leave your body and explore the astral realm with confidence and safety.

Achieving your first astral travel experience is always the most difficult?and no single method will work for everyone. That’s why the techniques in this book are carefully graded to step by step through an actual out-of-body experience. And with fifteen time-tested methods to choose from you’re sure to be astral traveling in no time.

Once you learn to leave your body, the freedom you’ll discover will transform your life. Explore new worlds ? learn to travel with a partner ? go back and forth through time ? even find a lover? but, most importantly, lose your fear of death as you discover that you are a spiritual being independent of your physical body.

256 pages | 5 x 8 x 1 inches

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In-Depth Review

You wake up in the morning, go to work or school, come home at night and go to sleep. Morning follows night, followed by morning, followed by night. This is called linear time.

But linear time is something we use in our physical world. If we could escape being locked into the physical world, we could transcend the limitations of time and space. We could go anywhere and do anything. And that is exactly what you can learn to do in Astral Travel for Beginners by Richard Webster.

Astral travel is not something unusual or scary. Chances are you have already done it thousands of times when you were asleep. The skill you will learn in this book consists of two things: how to astral travel at will, and what you can do when you travel on the astral plane.

In the pages of this book you will begin discovering the requirements for astral travel. This includes advice on what you should and should not do. For example, you should not smoke or drink coffee for at least three hours before leaving your body. You need to maintain a mood of positive expectancy ? relaxed, free of fear, and looking forward to it. Also, you must really want to astral travel.

Next you will learn mind travel. The author includes a complete script that you can record and follow. It is similar to astral travel, but easier to do.

Then you will experience your first astral travel. Complete directions are given so you can safely and consciously have this wonderful experience. Be sure to wait at least twenty-four hours before leaving your body again. More advanced techniques for astral travel are included.

Once you are relaxed and confident while astral traveling, it is time to investigate different worlds. Remember that time and space only exist in the physical world. You will be free to go to any place at any time. The book explains how easy this is and what to expect, including the possibility of meeting “helpers” on your travels.

Not everyone can astral travel via the same means. What works for you may not work for someone else. That’s why this book not only gives the basic system of the author, but also includes eleven more techniques you can use. Perhaps the “swing” technique or the “chakra” method will work for you. And by knowing all of these techniques, you will be able to help others to travel with you.

That’s right. This book explores the possibility of astral travelling in pairs or even in groups! Where could you go? Anywhere. Even outer space.

This is only the start of what you can learn from this book. Also included is information on how you can do remote viewing, seeing things (sometimes unknown places) at a distance. Revealed for the first time anywhere is the relationship between numerology and astral travel. For example, you’ll learn that two “personal days,” determined by numerology, are better for astral travel than the other seven possible “personal days.” To find out how to use this to your advantage, get this book!

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