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Athame Pendant (Swarovski Crystals)


by Alchemy of England

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The name of the black-handled, double-edged ceremonial dagger of Wicca, one of the four elemental tools used in magic ritual, and complementary to the white-handled ‘boline’.

Take Wiccan magic with you on any journey!

A miniature ceremonial Wiccan magical dagger, made in two-tone pewter with a bronzed hilt and crescent moons, with the central full moon set with an iridescent blue Swarovski crystal.

Approximate Dimensions: H: 54mm (2.13″) W: 23mm (0.91″) D: 10mm (0.39″)
Chain: 21″
Materials: Fine English Pewter, Irridescent Blue Swarovski Crysta

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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 in

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