Bastet Goddess Statue with Colored Jewels (Medium) ( 8″ tall )


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Bastet (also know as Bast) is an ancient Egyptian Goddess who is still highly revered today, for she is the protectress of Women, Children, Cats and those who care for them. She is also the Goddess of Sunrise, Music, Dance, Pleasure, Family, Fertility, and Birth.

Bastet seemed to have two sides to her personality, docile and aggressive. Her docile and gentle side is shown in depictions of her as a domesticated cat, which represents the Goddess as a protector of the home and pregnant women. Bastet’s more fierce and aggressive nature is displayed in depictions of her as a fierce lioness, defeating the enemy in the accounts of battles for the pharaoh.

The people of ancient Egypt turned to Bastet for protection and for blessing, as she was a renowned and beloved Goddess.

Cold Cast Bronze

H: 8″

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