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BAT’S BLOOD Bayou Witch Oil for Hexing, Havoc, Discord, & Tension (0.5 oz)


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Used in the practice of black arts to create discord, tension, and havoc; used on fetishes, charms, red, or black candles.

Works very well when working with evil spirits to hex someone who has wronged you. Bat’s Blood is all about personal power and integrity and the ability to no longer be a victim. It will help call the ancient Spirits to your aid.

Bat’s Blood illuminates the negative entities around us; with it’s guidance we discern where and when the choices of our past have manifested . It’s always within us to accept or repel energy… with the help of Bat’s Blood we find clarity for this purpose. So when you’re facing such a situation, with all the nastiness you can muster use Bat’s blood Oil to transmute your intentions and release the negativity towards those who have offended you!

A sturdy companion during troubled times, you can depend on Bat’s Blood to help you re-establish your personal self awareness and commitments and clean house of all of those nasties, whether they be human or spiritual. Bat’s Blood engenders a rare occult quality to accurately put us in touch with our personal ideals and values and give us the power to tear apart those who have wronged us.

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