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BLACK CAT Oil for LUCK or to HEX Someone (by Espiritu, 2 dram)




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  • Rub the oil on charms or money
  • Rub on your hands before gambling
  • Anoint a Green candle and burn


  • Anoint a Black Candle with Black Cat Oil at Midnight
  • Write the victim’s name on the candle with a sharp point. The name should be spread out so that it covers the length of the candle.
  • Starting at the bottom of the candle, an inch above the base, insert a needle into the side of the candle.
  • Insert 4 more needle into the side of the candle, evenly spaced. Stop about 2 inches from the top of the candle.
  • The 5 needles represent. one of the best numbers to hex or conjure with, according to Voodoo beliefs.
  • The candle is lit, and the hexing words are said: “As this candle burns away … [state very specifically what you want to happen] … So Mote It Be!”
  • The candle is burned until the top needle drops off the candle. The candle is then snuffed out and the needle is place next to the candle – on one side.
  • The second night, at mid-night, the candle is again anointed with oil, the hex words are spoken, and it is burned until the next needle drops off. The candle is snuffed out and the needle is placed next to the candle with the 1st needle.
  • This ritual is followed completely for 5 midnight ceremonies. Each night the words of hex are spoken.
  • On the 5th and final night after the 5th needle has fallen, all 5 needles are laid across the remaining candle stub and it is allowed to burn through the night until it goes out by itself.

Burn candles in a safety dish/holder and never leave them unattended.

Do Not Take the Oil Internally.

Reference: Famous Voodoo Rituals and Spells by H.U. Lampe




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