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Black Garnet for Grounding, Protection, Empowerment, and Magick (Natural, Raw)

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I move through this life with ease … centered, focused, protected and embraced by Mother Earth

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Black Garnet is a powerful Grounding stone, which can also be used to Kindle the Magick and Evoke the Mysteries of the Earth.

It is a stone which connects with the nourishing energies of Mother Earth, and one can use it to Enlist the Aid of One’s Own Secret Wellspring of Power.

It is ideal for Tapping into One’s Life Force, for Arousing the Creative Fires of Sexuality, and for the Empowerment and Focus of the Will.


Physical: Protects the Body from Invasion by Negative Forces

Emotional: Aids in Empowering the Self

Spiritual: Helps one access elemental energies, “magickal” powers, and lost knowledge


Element: Earth

Planet: Mars

Chakras: Root, and Earth Star (below the feet)

Size: 1″ – 1.5″ (approximate)

Price is for 1 stone.

Stone may vary from the photo as they are naturally occurring.

Reference: The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons


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1 review for Black Garnet for Grounding, Protection, Empowerment, and Magick (Natural, Raw)

  1. Janet Totten (verified owner)

    A very beautiful and powerful stone. When I held this everything had become clear and I finally felt completely grounded. Blessings 🖤

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