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Born Aware: Stories & Insights from Those Spiritually Aware Since Birth


by Diane Brandon

Discover an amazing phenomenon that hasn?t been widely discussed or studied: some people have a conscious spiritual awareness at birth that is mature and clear. Born Aware delves into the effects of having been born conscious of our higher soul connection, what we can learn from it, and the implications for human consciousness and spirituality.

Having innate spiritual awareness has affected Diane Brandon?s life in remarkable ways, and this book chronicles her experiences as well as her efforts to learn from others who have been spiritually aware since birth. Using personal accounts and her own insights, Diane shows you how to access your spiritual awareness, even if you weren?t born aware.


?A compelling exploration of a spiritual phenomenon, Born Aware is fresh and engaging.??Foreword Reviews

336 pages | 6 x 9 x 1 inches

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Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Part 1: The Born Aware Phenomenon
Chapter 1: What Is the “Born Aware” Phenomenon? 9
Chapter 2: How We Can Benefit 17

Part 2: Individual Accounts of Those Born Aware
Chapter 3: Rosalie?s Story 27: For the first couple months of my life, I was bouncing back and forth between Spirit and 3D life.”
Chapter 4: Jimelle Suzanne?s Story 47: “I was very aware of a horrible light, blinding, blinding lights, and choking. I couldn?t stand it. I just felt like I weighed a thousand pounds and I was choking.”
Chapter 5: Heather?s Story 59: “I was working for the Creator and ? I was making things ? and they were quite beautiful.”
Chapter 6: Theresa Waltermeyer?s Story 69: “I remember picking my parents and picking my father. I just wanted to be his daughter.”
Chapter 7: Jemila?s Story 81: “Oh, my God, what have I done?”
Chapter 8: Cheryl Ludwig?s Story 93: “What in the world are these people thinking to not cover my eyes from the sun?”
Chapter 9: Matthew Engel?s Story 107: “Okay, so I?ve arrived. Here I am ? I was feeling a sense that there was a force and a team in the spirit realm that was all involved in getting me here.”
Chapter 10: Terese Covey?s Story 115: “I agreed with my dad that I would be okay.”
Chapter 11: Cynthia Sue Larson?s Story 121: “Whoops! Wrong planet!”
Chapter 12: Dr. Stanislav Gergre O?Jack?s Story 133: “I was in a rolled-up position and housed in a warm environment surrounded by a seemingly orange-red color illumination. ? something like being in a sauna. I could feel the warmth, the sounds.”
Chapter 13: Rozlyn Reynolds? Story 143: “Shortly after being born, I remember seeing all the bright lights, faces looking down at me with masks on.”
Chapter 14: Carmel Bell?s Story 155 “I remember being in the ?soup? before I was born…. I was ? given a choice as to ‘what’ I would be in terms of being seen as good, bad, or indifferent.”
Chapter 15: My Story 163: “When I was born I remember thinking that I didn?t want to be here again. I knew that when I wasn?t here I was with the Divine and I wanted to be back with God. I also knew that when I wasn?t here, and was on higher levels, I had absolute knowledge and I resented not having absolute knowledge while here. However, I knew that I had to be here because there was something I was supposed to do.”
Chapter 16: Those with Initial Memories From Ten Months Old 181: “I was born with awareness and a sense of what I know.”

Part 3: Lessons from the Born Aware Phenomenon and Accessing Our Awareness
Chapter 17: Initial Lessons?Attributes and Differences of Those Born Aware 201
Chapter 18: Spiritual Lessons from the Born Aware Phenomenon 239
Chapter 19: Grooming the Higher Soul Awareness and Other Recommendations 259

Closing Thoughts 285

Appendix A: Questions That Were Posed to Interviewees 289

Appendix B: A Meditation for the Higher Soul Awareness 293

Appendix C: If You?ve Retained At-Birth Memories 299

Bibliography 307

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