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BREAK UP Candle to Break Up a Couple and End a Relationship (Back to Back, RED)


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This Powerful and Devastating candle is used to break up a couple and end a relationship.

The candle presents a man and woman standing back to back on a heart shaped base.

How To Use The Candle

  1. Write the name of the guy on the male candle and the female on the female candle
  2. On the top side of the heart shaped base carve the word “breakup” or whatever you specifically want to happen.
  3. Visualize, in your mind, what you want to happen. For example, see them getting in a fight and breaking up, never wanting to speak again.
  4. As you are lighting the two candles continue to visualize them breaking up and say the following: I invoke and offer this prayer to the Spirit of Hate! Inspire in (name the two people) a hate so powerful that they can never remember each others names without feeling hate. In invoke the Spirit of Hate to break up (name the people)! Turn all their joyful memories into painful nightmares. If they ever meet and want to see each other, I invoke the spirit of all roads to separate their pathways. Amen.
  5. Burn the candle for at least 1 hour a night until the two candles burn down to the based. You can burn the candle all in one day are over several days. We recommend burning it for 3 days. Each time you relight the candle repeat steps 3 and 4.
  6. Use a knife to cut the heart shaped based in half. Separating the male and female sides.
  7. Throw away the two pieces of the base – away from your house. BUT IN SEPARATE LOCATIONS. You want to separate the two pieces of the base.


Burn on a fire safe surface and never leave a burning candle unattended.

Approximately 7 inches Tall.


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