BREAK UP Candle to Break Up a Couple and End a Relationship (Back to Back, RED)


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This Powerful and Devastating candle is used to break up a couple and end a relationship. The candle presents a man and woman standing back to back on a heart shaped base.

Use our Break Up candle to:

  • Break Up a Relationship
  • Break up your loved one’s romance with another woman or man
  • Stop your loved one from cheating

How to Use:

  • Carve the name of the male and female on the candle images.
  • Anoint the candle with Separation Oil. Place a small amount of Separation Oil on your finger and reboil over the names of the two individuals that you carved into the candle.
  • Light both candle images and say the incantation below
  • I invoke the Spirit of Hate to inspire in these two people (name them) a hate so powerful that they can never remember each others names without feeling hate. If they ever meet and want to see each other, I invoke the spirit of all roads to separate their pathways. May they be separated for good! So Mote It Be
  • Burn the candle until both images have melted down. You can burn it all in one day or over several days. CAREFULLY break the heart base in half and bury the pieces away from each other


Burn on a fire safe surface and never leave a burning candle unattended.

Approximately 7 inches Tall.


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