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Buckland’s Book of Spirit Communications


by Raymond Buckland

Buckland’s Book of Spirit Communications is for anyone who wishes to communicate with spirits, as well as for the less adventurous who simply want to satisfy their curiosity about the subject. Explore the nature of the physical body and learn how to prepare yourself to become a medium. Experience for yourself the trance state, clairvoyance, psychometry, table tipping, levitation, talking boards, automatic writing, spiritual photography, spiritual healing, distant healing, channeling, and development circles. Also learn how to avoid spiritual fraud.

This revised and expanded edition of Buckland’s popular Doors to Other Worlds has over one hundred new pages, including a completely new chapter on electronic spirit contact. It features additional photographs and illustrations, an index, a new preface, and a workbook format with study questions and answers for each chapter.

272 pages | 9 x 11 x 1 inches

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Table of Contents

Preface . . . xv

Introduction . . . xvii

Lesson One: What is Mediumship? . . . 1
Beginnings. Channeling. Possession. Exercises.
Trance. Development and chakra enhancement.
Exercise. Raising your vibrations. Lesson one examination
Profile: John Edward

Lesson Two: The World of Spirits . . . 11
Looking into the spirit world. Meeting God. The
spiritual body. Spirit speech and travel. Other life
forms. Evil entities. Transition. Lesson two examination
Profile: Jeane Dixon

Lesson Three: The History of Spiritualism,
Part One – The Early Years . . . 21
The episode at Hydesville. Andrew Jackson Davis.
The Fox sisters. Denunciation and retraction. French
forerunner. Lesson three examination questions.
Profile: Abraham Lincoln

Lesson Four: The History of Spiritualism,
Part Two – Later Development . . . 35
Development in England. Development in America.
Development Circles. Spiritualism as a religion.
Spiritualism in Europe and South America. Lesson
four examination questions.
Profile: Morris Pratt

Lesson Five: Spirit Guides . . . 49
Meditation. Exercise. Safeguards. Exercises. Spirit
guides and guardian angels. The doorkeeper. Finding
your spirit guide. Exercises. Lesson five examination
Profile: Leonora E. Piper

Lesson Six: Spirit Communication . . . 61
Mediumship. Exercise – affirmations. The problem
of connecting. Atmospherics. Dates, names,
and ideas. Symbolism and its interpretation. Interpreting
actions. Triviality in messages. Names, colors
and lights. Lesson six examination questions.
Profile: Eileen Jeanette Garrett

Lesson Seven: Talking Boards . . . 73
Ancient form of communication.Commercial faults.
Do-it-yourself talking board. Record keeping and a
spokesperson. Procedure and verification. Cross correspondence.
Solitary use. Pencil planchette. Caution.
Lesson seven examination questions.
Profile: Rosemary Brown

Lesson Eight: Automatic Writing
and Spirit Photography . . . 87
The hand that writes by itself. Don’t try to direct.
Types of messages. Check what you receive. Either
hand. Character of the messages received. Patience
Worth. Inspirational writing. Typewriters and computers.
Great composers return.Automatic art. Spirit
photography – unexpected visitors. British experiments.
Repeatable phenomena.Your own spirit photographs.
Photographs without a camera. Exercises.
Lesson eight examination questions.
Profile: Allan Kardec

Lesson Nine: Trance Work . . . 107
Levels of brainwave activity. Spontaneous trance.
Trance experience. The best way to enter trance.
Exercise. Early symptoms of mediumship. Return
from trance. Rules for development. Exercises. Lesson
nine examination questions.
Profile: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Lesson Ten: Spirit Sights, Sounds,
and Sensing . . . 119
Clear seeing. Clear hearing and sensing. Exercises.
Scrying or crystal gazing. Clairvoyant exercises.
Clairaudient exercises. Lesson ten examination
Profile: Emanuel Swedenborg

Lesson Eleven: Touching the Past . . . 133
Psychometry exercises. Spirit speaks first. Side benefits.
Different readings for different mediums. Psychometry
as a tool in spirit communication. Billets
and billet reading. Flower reading. Lesson eleven
examination questions.
Profile: Arthur Ford

Lesson Twelve: Physical Mediumship . . . 145
Eusapia Paladino. Spirits take charge. Transfiguration.
Ectoplasm and materialization.Apports. Developing
physical mediumship. Lesson twelve examination
Profile: Edgar Cayce

Lesson Thirteen: Table Tipping
and Levitation . . . 161
Choice of table. Circle of hands. Thumps of intelligence.
Question and answer. Levitation. Under or
over? Early French methods. Lesson thirteen examination
Profile: Sir William Crookes

Lesson Fourteen: Healing . . . 173
Spiritual healing. Edgar Cayce. Some British spiritual
healers. Becoming a healer. Chakras. The human
aura. Three layers of light. Train yourself to be sensitive.
You, the healer. Distant healing. Lesson fourteen
examination questions.
Profile: Gerard Coiset

Lesson Fifteen: Channeling . . . 187
Channeling versus mediumship. Origins. Channeled
material. How to channel. Exercise. Real or imagined?
Channeled or inspirational? Lesson fifteen
examination questions.
Profile: Lily Dale Assembly

Lesson Sixteen: Development
and Development Circles . . . 197
Lack of good mediums. New wave of psychics. Full
circle. Development Circles. Exercises?your own
development circle. Into mediumship. Record keeping
is important. Rescue circles. Lesson sixteen
examination questions.
Profile: Dion Fortune

Lesson Seventeen: Electronic
Spirit Contact . . . 207
Modern tools of communication. Exercises?your
own EVPS and ITC. From slates to laptops.

Afterword . . . 215

Appendix A: Fraudulent Practices . . . 217

Appendix B: Answers
to Examination Questions . . . 227

Glossary . . . 243

Bibliography . . . 249

Index . . . 257

Many thanks to all the people at Llewellyn who made this book possible.
Thanks also to the National Spiritualist Association of Churches, the Lily Dale Assembly,
Ron Nagy and Joyce LaJudice of the Lily Dale Museum for their support and encouragement.

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