Chocolate Opal – Coping with Worry, Stress, Anxiety, and Depression (High Quality)


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Chocolate Opals are gentle catalysts to the physical healing process, through their support of one’s emotional body.

Ideal for coping with Worry, Stress, Anxiety, and Depression.

Deep Healing Properties of Chocolate Opal:

  • Aid in lifting Depression, not through “cheering you up”, but through moderating the sense of Isolation.
  • Increase your Life Force through gently stimulating your first two chakras.
  • Strongly Protective against Negative Energy, Psychic Attacks, and help get rid of Entity Attachments by strengthening your Aura
  • Helps you feel Stronger and more In Control when faced with Negativity, Confrontation, or Bullying
  • Fortifies the body

Blessing: when I open myself to purification and spiritual upliftment, I am Safe and Protected, and I grow stronger each day. So Mote It Be

This is the actual stone that you are purchasing.

Size: ~ 1.25″

Source: Yita Ridge, Ethiopia

Reference: The Book of Stones by Simmons and Ahsian

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