The Compassion Revolution: 30 Days of Living from the Heart


by Amy Leigh Mercree

Return to Your Innate, Kind Self through?30 Days of Self-Love, Peace, and Living from the Heart

Now is the time to embrace your true nature of kindness. With uplifting stories, contemplation prompts, meditations, and other fun activities, you?ll immerse yourself in compassion while drawing inspiration from Amy Leigh Mercree?s positive perspective. The Compassion Revolution includes practical ideas like technology curfews, personal dance parties, rewiring your brain, and social media hashtags and quotes to help you connect with the compassion movement.


?Get ready to set your compassion compass to its true north. This is a soul stirring and spiritually satisfying read.??Emma Mildon, bestselling author of The Soul Searcher?s Handbook

?Amy reminds us . . . that we can each embrace the transformative presence of divine love within ourselves.??Tosha Silver, author of Outrageous Openness: Letting the Divine Take the Lead

?Tools and cultivation are all it takes to live the life of your dreams.? Amy?s book is a literary light that will help illuminate the path to personal greatness.??Sheila Kelley, actress, TedX Speaker, author, creator of S Factor

?Amy Leigh Mercree is part cheerleader, part spiritual seer.??Peggy McColl, New York Timesbestselling author

?Amy is on a mission to illuminate the path to happiness. She shows us that every small step adds up to big love and joy.??Linda Joy, bestselling publisher, Aspire Magazine and Inspired Living Publishing

?Let Amy be your teacher, she lives and breathes her message of health, happiness, and freedom.??Shannon Kaiser, joy guru and best-selling author of Adventures for Your Soul: 21 Ways to Transform Your Habits and Reach Your Full Potential

?Amy?s mission is to help you infuse your life with bliss. We all want more of that! She takes you on a journey to create happiness on your terms.??Chellie Campbell, author of The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction

?Amy Leigh Mercree teaches us all how to live joy and cultivate beauty in our lives. I love this author.??Patricia Leavy, PhD, bestselling author of Low-Fat Love

?Amy is an advocate for self love and self acceptance.??Molly Ford Beck, founder of, co-chair of the organizing committee for the 40 Women to Watch Over 40 awards, writes the syndicated ?Recommended Reading? print column which appears in about 70 newspapers across the US, instructor at General Assembly

?If you are searching for happiness and fulfillment, pick up this book and a jump start your journey today.??Dr. Laurie Nadel, best-selling author of Dr. Laurie Nadel?s Sixth Sense: Unlocking You Ultimate Mind Power

?Amy provides an inspired resource for self-love and happiness.??Dani DiPirro, author of The Positively Present Guide to Life: How to Make the Most of Every Moment

?Amy Leigh Mercree is on a passionate mission to support you in your quest to live life to the fullest! She?s your cheerleader plus your guide to access the deepest truths within your soul.??Kristi Ling, author of Operation Happiness: The 3-Step Plan to Creating a Life of Lasting Joy, Abundant Energy, and Radical Bliss

?Filled with suggestions and examples, I believe many people will find exactly what they need to enhance their inner (and outer!) lives through this book.??Dina Proctor, author of Madly Chasing Peace: How I Went From Hell to Happy in Nine Minutes a Day

?The Compassion Revolution?is a?beautiful book that?ll inspire profound change in your life, on every level. It?ll invite you to?speak to?yourself and others?with more gentleness, relate to yourself and others with more kindness, and show up in the world for yourself and others in a more loving and mindful way. It?s time to embrace self-compassion, and this book will help you do just that,?and so much more.??Cassie Mendoza-Jones, author of?You Are Enough

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Table of Contents

Introduction / 1
Day 1: Finding Happiness in a Hectic World / 12
Day 2: Releasing the Shackles of Anxiety / 16
Day 3: Relax Your Heart / 19
Day 4: A Child?s Wisdom / 23
Day 5: Self-Talk Is the Most Important Force in Your Life / 29
Day 6: Examining Self-Compassion from Different Perspectives / 36
Day 7: Accepting Ourselves in All Ways / 43
Day 8: Kindness and Peak Performance / 48
Day 9: The Real Reason Why Compassion Is Relaxing / 51
Day 10: You Are the Heroine/Hero / 54
Day 11: Cyber Self-Compassion / 58
Day 12: Liking Me, Liking You / 63
Day 13: Living Kindness / 69
Day 14: Believe in Yourself / 73
Day 15: Self-Compassion Inspirational Stories / 76
Day 16: Compassion and Yogic Thought / 83
Day 17: Being Truly Kind Means ? / 95
Day 18: The Magic Ingredient to an Amazing Life / 99
Day 19: Care Like You Have One Day Left / 103
Day 20: Compassion for Nurturing and Validation / 109
Day 21: Find Compassion Within through Your Own Spiritual Path / 117
Day 22: Witnessing Lack of Love and Staying Open / 125
Day 23: The Interconnection Mindset / 136
Day 24: Choosing Compassion in a Jaded World / 145
Day 25: Ending Bullying and Teaching Children Compassion / 153
Day 26: Celebrities and Cyber Kindness / 170
Day 27: Live to Give / 178
Day 28: Stop Being Snarky and Start Living / 186
Day 29: Ideas Plus People Equal a Movement / 194
Day 30: Join In?Everyone Is Welcome / 202

Conclusion / 207
Recommended Resources / 209
Bibliography / 211

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