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Crone’s Book of Magical Words


by Valerie Worth

Crone’s Book of Magical Words (previously published as The Crone’s Book of Words) by Valerie Worth is the book you’ve been waiting for! In its pages are over 125 spells, incantations, and charms. If you can think of a purpose for a spell, it’s probably in this book. Need a spell to summon a ghost? Or perhaps you want the opposite: a spell to free a house from being haunted. They’re both in this book. Do you need something to help you lose weight or have longevity? You’ll find them here. Or perhaps you want to pass through a locked door. It’s all in this book.

Even if you don’t know a thing about magic, you can use this book. The spells are easy, poetic, and evocative. For example, to cure a wart the instructions are: “Stamp within a silver cup mullein and houseleek together. Stir them with a sparrow’s feather. Let it draw the juices up; Twenty times upon one day, brush them over the excrescence; Under sunlight dry the essence?Soon the wart must shrink away.”

The range in this book is phenomenal. You’ll find a simple fertility charm and a way to conjure with smoke. You’ll read about how to bring rain and how to stop rain from falling. You’ll learn how to tell fortunes with sand or with tea leaves. This is more than just a book about magic, it is a folklorist’s bonanza.

If you’re ready to win another’s love or to sweeten someone’s disposition, if you want to turn hair long and golden or discover tree spirits, this is the book you must have. Whether you have been doing magic for a long time or are a beginner, this book is a must.

168 pages | 5 x 8 inches

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In-Depth Description

OK, you’ve learned the basics of magic. Now what? You need a resource of spells and simple rites so you can make use of your skills. Now you can have over 125 spells, incantations, and charms in Valerie Worth’s Crone’s Book of Magical Words (previously published as The Crone’s Book of Words).
The book is divided into four sections. In “the Spirit,” you will find ways to improve and alter who you are. For example, to dispel sorrow, you are told to do this: “When the world and fate conspire to mark your life with lines and characters dark, mold a tablet of earth or clay, write on it all you would cast away ? all you regret, all that you bear, all that afflicts you, all that you fear ? break it and bury it in the ground, saying this charm to heal the wound: sorrow be dust and dust dissolve, let all my grief go into this grave.”
In this section you will also find spells, charms, and rites that will help you with endure difficult times, become invisible, avert temptation, be rid of anger, create love spells, and many more.
The second section is called “the World.” Here you will find instructions for very practical, worldly things. These rites aid you in protecting your home from fire, protecting your garden from pests, sending away mice and rats, preventing beauty from fading, making a pact with a tree for longevity, dispelling slander, and many more. To defeat the demon tobacco, the instructions are: “Grasp the poison-breathing weed, give him fire for his greed, taste his sweet and cruel savor, smiling, praise his deadly favor; Then when he suspects you least, quick deceive the subtle beast ? break his back and crush to death his fawning image on your hearth; Say these words (and say them ever when his downfall you would conjure): Herba Malefica Aduro Adedo Adimo.”
In the section called “the Conjuror” you will find spells that a magician might be liable to use for power. Worth gives these simple instructions for employing the Spirits of Darkness: “To yoke the demons of the night, cut a fork of sapling oak, strip its bark and shake the wand to and fro across the dark ? send them ranging through the land to do your will by this command: Lamiae Larvae Lemures Passim, Passim!”
Other spells include ways to increase your own power, to break a curse, to summon a ghost, to free a house from haunting, to seek lost things, and several others.
The final section of this book is called “The Cosmos.” In it you’ll find spells to enlist the elements’ aid for a high cause, to bring rain, to converse with a snake, for possessing a star and many more.
This book has enough information to keep you magically busy for years! If you have all of the basic knowledge of magic, or even if you just want a few spells to change your life, this simple book is the one you want!

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