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CROSSROADS Blessed Herbal Candle with Key Talisman – For Opportunities and Achieving Goals


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The mystical CROSSROADS is an understanding that is shared by many magickal traditions. It is the intersection of the physical world and the other world. It is a place of STRONG MAGICK…a place where the universe aligns and our thoughts and desires manifest into reality!

Hold the Crossroads candle in your hand and focus on what your want to achieve. What do you want the universe to do. Be VERY specific. If ?your intention is very general you will get vague and general results. Light the Crossroads candle and say the following blessing:

“At the crossroads I now stand, humbled heart and hat in hand. Mat of the crossroads, keeper of keys, Elegba, dark rider, I am on my knees. Luck, love, life and loss, all magic exists where the roads cross. Open the roads, open the door, Close the roads that are no more. In my confusion I refuse to wallow, guide me in ways that I can follow, Elegba, father I call to you rise from the road & show what is true.”

You are asking the universe to show you the path forward to achieve that which you most desire and to create opportunities so that your thoughts manifest into reality.

You can carry the Key Talisman with you as an extension of your ritual.

Burn the candle completely. Remove the label and the key before burning the candle. Place the key in front of the candle during your ritual.

This is a Blessed Herbal Candle that is midnight black with a mystical fragrance of frankincense and cypress.

Made when the Moon is right

1.5″x7″ pillar with a 40 hour burn time.

Never leave a burning candle unattended.

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