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Dark Moon Mysteries: Wisdom, Power, and Magic of the Shadow World


by Timothy Roderick

Explore the “dark side” of spirit, ritual, symbol, psyche, and magic. This book weaves together Jungian analysis, the practical application of imagery from ancient fairy tales, and contemporary Witchcraft to help you come to grips with the darker shades of your being. Embrace all aspects of your psyche and follow the true path of the Witch, Shaman, Magician and Mystic.

216 pages | 6 x 9 x 1 inches

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Do You Have The Courage To Claim Your Dark Side?

Your “shadow self” holds all the fears, emotions, and memories you have repressed over your lifetime. If you have the courage to access your shadow being, it becomes a great source of power and wisdom. Dark Moon Mysteries is the first book to weave together Jungian analysis, practical application of fairy-tale archetypes, and contemporary Witchcraft to help you mine the riches that lie within your inner darkness.

Many Witches use potent Dark Moon energies in their spiritual lives and magic, though no on has written an explicit guide to using this energy – until now. Embrace Dark Moon energy to touch the very source of your inner power and move beyond all the fears that limit you.

Darkness is the natural, necessary counterpart to the light. You have learned how to dance with the sunlight. Now, to achieve wholeness, you must learn to dance with the shadow…only thus will you follow the true path of the Witch, Shaman, and Mystic.

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