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Dedicant, Devotee, Priest: A Pagan Guide to Divine Relationships


by Stephanie Woodfield

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Build a Relationship with the Gods at Every Level of Devotion

On any spiritual path, we seek a strong connection with the gods. But do you know how to truly develop a relationship with them? This book guides you in serving the divine on three meaningful levels that go beyond just petitioning the gods for magical or personal support.

Dedicant, Devotee, Priest provides down-to-earth explanations of what it means to venerate a deity, how to know when one is trying to get your attention, and more. Stephanie Woodfield expertly guides you through three distinct paths: devotion (fostering a relationship), dedication (formalized agreement to serve a particular deity), and priesthood (facilitating others’ bond with the deity in addition to tending your own). This book serves as a road map for your own unique journey and even includes full rituals to help enrich your spirit and set the tone for the divine relationships that you desire.


“So often we hear of magickal practitioners and pagans yearning for a book that will take them to the next level in their practice. Woodfield has finally answered that call, taking the reader not up some hierarchical ladder, but by going deep into the heart of creating meaningful relationship with deity. The author distinguishes the difference between devotee and dedicant as well as exploring the question of the daunting and demanding role of what it actually means to call oneself priest/ess. Dedicant, Devotee, Priest is packed not only with useful exercises and ritual, but sound practical advice from a highly experienced long-time practitioner. Highly recommended for all levels of spiritual practice.”—Danielle Blackwood, author of The Twelve Faces of the Goddess and A Lantern in the Dark

Published: January 2022

216 pages
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