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Discover Your Authentic Self – Be You, Be Free, Be Happy


by Sherrie Dillard

Embrace your authentic self and let your soul?s light shine forth with guidance from 150 lessons meant to inspire, motivate, and teach. This empowering book helps you shed what is false and come to know, accept, and express your true self.

With essays to uplift and engage you through personal stories, meditations, exercises, affirmations, and question prompts, Discover Your Authentic Self shows you how to live according to your passions and purpose. Explore a range of topics for self-discovery, including intuition, spirit animals, recognizing personal abilities as related to archetypes, living your purpose, spirit essence and energy (chakras and auras), and more. With this remarkable book, you?ll unlock your truth and set yourself free.

360 pages | 5 x 7 x 1 inches

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Table of Contents

Introduction: You Are, Who You Are Looking For
Chapter 1: The Invitation

1. Within The Mandala
2. The Call to Know Self
3. The Relief Of Being Seen
4. Go Easy
5. Begin the Journey With Intent
6. Accept It All
7. The World Needs Your Genius
8. The Beginning

Chapter 2: Reclaiming What Was Lost
9. You Came From The Stars
10. Re-parent Yourself
11. Recapture Your Innocence
12. You Chose Your Family
13. Finding Your Tribe
14. Being Nice
15. Alone in the Playground
16. Let Go of the False
17. The Price of Popularity
18. Soulful Memories
19. Conforming: The Early Years
20. Young Extroverts and Introverts
21. Little Thinkers and Feelers
22. Sensing and Intuition
23. Celebrate Individuality
24. Remember Who You Are
25. Challenging Childhood Messages
26. Early Spiritual Awareness
27. You are Not a Label
28. Allow Your Past To Bless You

Chapter 3: The Call to Transformation
29. Letting Go of Control
30. A Thousand Deaths
31. Soul Directed Events
32. Self-Honesty
33. Synchronisities: Dance with the Cosmic Flow
34. Not Getting Your Way
35. The Best Comes When You are Being You
36. Surrender
37. The Power of Day Dreaming
38. You Are Not Your Problems
39. Transform Through Joy
40. When Things Fall Apart
41.The Invisible Presence
42. The Power of Mistakes
43. Awakening
44. The Signs of Awakening
45. Accidents
46. Death: Opening to New Life

Chapter 4: Lifting Off The Layers
47. Cultivating the Seed of Self
48. Calm in the Midst of an Emotional Storm
49. Free From Stereotypes
50. Authentic Thinking
51. Will the Real You Please Stand Up
52. Choose the Positive
53 On The Way to Clarity
54. Being Re-Routed
55. Load the Joy Truck
56. Acting with Courage
57. Fall In Love
58. Overcome Doubt
59. Take Off The Mask
60. Emotional Sensitivity
61. The Inner Mind: Door To Change
62. Use Affirmations
63. Depression and the Authentic Self
64. Absolute and Relative Truth
65. You Are Love

Chapter 5: The Intuitive You
66. The Quiet Truth
67. Intuitively Attuned
68. Care for the Intuitively Attuned
69. Your Intuitive Type
70. The Intuitive Heart
71. Self Care for the Empath
72. Your Intuitive Truth
73. Your Intuitive Body
74. Centered In Your Spirit
75. Listen and Act
76. Dreaming The True You
77. Four Misunderstood Intuitive Signals

Chapter 6: Relationships: Mirror of Self
78. Pushing Your Joy To The Surface
79. Your Many Roles
80. Being Misunderstood
81. Take Back Your Power
82. Affairs and The Unexpected
83. What To Do When Unexpected Change Comes Your Way
84. Recognizing an Emotional Vampires
85. Detach with Love Exercise
86. Be Honest and Direct
87. Share All of Who We Are
88. Karmic Relationships
89. Your Attraction Vibe
90. Relationships: The Soul’s Agenda
91. Navigating Change
92. Look Into the Soul
93. Let Love Break You Open

Chapter 7: Spirit Mentors, Power Animals, and Guides
94. Helpers Along the Way
95. Spirit Power Animals
96. Bird Messengers
97. How to Work with Your Power Bird
99. Become Aware of Your Animal Spirit Guides
100. Your Pet Totem
101. Natural Beauty for Your Soul
102. How Spirit Guides Help
103. An Angel By Your Side
104. Strangers As Messengers

Chapter 8: Embrace Your Passion
105. Let Your Passion Lead You
106. Do It Now
107. The Creative Approach
108 Create a Vision Board
109. Choosing Your Personal Style
110. Drawing Your Essence
111. Writing Your Authentic Self
112 Authentic Painting
113. Declutter Your Home
114. Simplify
115. Plant a Flower
116. You Need You
117. Tarot Cards for Self-Awareness
118. Learn Something New

Chapter 9: Your Spirit, Essence and Energy
119. Perceiving Your Essence
120. You Are Energy Frequency
121. Your Subtle Energy Body
122. First Chakra: Rooted in Your True Self
123. Second Chakra: Giving and Receiving
124. Third Chakra: Your Personal Power
125. Fourth Chakra: True Love
126. Fifth Chakra: Express Yourself
127. Sixth Chakra: Authentic Truth
128. Seventh Chakra: The Eternal Self
129. Exploring Past Lives
130. Little Ball of Light

Chapter 10: Your Archetypal Gift: Living Your Purpose
131. Recognizing Your Purpose
132. Your Gift Archetype
133. Warriors
134. Innovators
135. Teachers
136. Misfits
137. Healers
138. Seers
139. Artists
140. Magicians
141. Sages
142. Patrons
143. Athletes
144. Entertainers
145. Shamans
146. Leaders
147. Monks
148. Channels
149. Alchemists
150. Identifying Your Archetypal Gifts

Final Thoughts: You Are The One

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