Discovering the Healer Within – Use Chakras & Intuition to Clear Negativity & Release Pain


by Anysia Marcell Kiel

You Can Heal Yourself

It?s Time to Remember How

While many people are likely familiar with psychic mediums who do readings, few know about healing mediums who teach you how to clear illnesses and ailments in a noninvasive, peaceful way. Anysia Marcell Kiel guides you on a journey to awaken powerful healing abilities within yourself through her remarkable life stories and client sessions.

Featuring easy-to-use exercises and how-to instructions, Discovering the Healer Within is usable by anyone (regardless of psychic or medium abilities). You?ll explore fascinating and useful topics, such as clearing karmic imprints, communicating with loved ones in spirit, and aligning with your soul path. This inspiring book, packed with Anysia?s experiences and insights, will show you how to embrace love, live your purpose, and align with your soul.

216 pages | 5 x 8 x 1 inches

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Table of Contents


1. Embracing My Healing Path 3
Exercise: Releasing the Past 12

2. Clearing Acute Illness 17
Exercise: Balancing the Chakras 40
Exercise: Sending Energy Remotely 48

3. The Fight of His Life 51
Exercise: Clearing Your Energy at the Beach 67

4 Healing and Sacred Agreements 71
Exercise: Grounding Your Energy Directly in the Earth 88

5. Alzheimer’s and Dementia 91
Exercise: Walking in Grace 96

6. Animals Helping Us Heal 101
Exercise: Embracing the Vibration of Unconditional Love in Our Lives 111

7. A Voice for the Voiceless 117
Exercise: Clearing Your Energy Daily 129

8. Spot Healing Treatments 133
Exercise: Grounding Our Hands 139

9. Clearing Addictions 143
Exercise: Connecting to the Higher Self 165

10. Understanding the Connections 169
Exercise: Accepting Experiences with Love for Our Highest Good 174

11. Healing the Energy in Your Home 179
Exercise: Smudging Your Home 182
Exercise: Water Collection Method 186
Exercise: Salt Method 189
Exercise: Crystal Grids 195
Exercise: Rainbow Light Space Clearing 199

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