Dragons Blood Incense Powder (1.75 oz)


By: Anna Riva

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Burn Anna Rivas Dragons Blood Incense Powder for uncrossing, removing curses and hexes. It is reputedly successful when many other methods have failed. Burn before going to bed for a peaceful night’s sleep with no nightmares or disturbing dreams.

How to Use:

  • Cauldron Spell
    • Place some of the self lighting incense into a metal vessel … like a cauldron
    • Squeeze the incense into a cone shape
    • Light the tip of the incense and let it burn while you cast your spell.
  • Written Spell
    • Write want you want on a small square of paper
    • Place the self lighting incense on the paper
    • Fold the paper a few times to secure the incense and burn the paper in a cauldron (of the proper size) or in a fireplace, or outside fire pit.

1.75 oz in a plastic jar.

Self-Lighting Incense

Never leave burning incense unattended!

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