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Earth Magic: A Book of Shadows for Positive Witches (Revised Edition)


by Marion Weinstein

Marion Weinstein is known as one of the first witches to release a Book of Shadows to the public.

Here is the revised and updated version of Earth Magic, the author’s personal book of magical practice, made available for today’s Witches.

Based on an in-depth study of the many facets of Witchcraft, Earth MagicĀ presents the religion as positive and life affirming. The book is filled with how-to’s of a practical nature. It is intended to be a springboard, to unlock the reader’s psychic Wiccan abilities and guide her or him into the creation of their own unique and personal work. Every technique is explained in detail, in keeping with Weinstein’s proviso that one should never attempt to work any magic unless one understands it fully.

The information from the original edition is still available, as well as a treasure trove of new material, some of which has never been seen before.

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Table of Contents

Part One: Primary Work

Chapter 1 – Belief & Perception

Chapter 2 – The Basics

Chapter 3 – Alignments and Deities

Chapter 4 – The Tools

Chapter 5 – The Coven

Chapter 6 – The Holidays

Chapter 7 – Moon Work

Chapter 8 – Cord and String Magic

Chapter 9 – Psychic Help and Visualization

Chapter 10 – Contacting the Departed

Chapter 11 – Protection

Chapter 12 – Ritual

Part Two: Advanced Work

Chapter 13 – Aspects of Self

Chapter 14 – Working Magic in the Castle

Chapter 15 – Advanced Manifestations

Part Three: Afterword

Chapter 16 – Morphogenetic Fields

Chapter 17 – The Role and the True Self

Chapter 18 – Ethics, Choices, and the “W” Word

Chapter 19 – Serving the Community

Chapter Notes



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