The Egyptian Tarot Deck


Amazingly detailed and gracefully beautiful, Alasia’s tempera-on-papyrus paintings meld the stunning style of ancient Egyptian art with the mysteries of the Tarot. To shape the interpretations, Alasia relied on the conceptions of Jean-Baptiste Pitois, who linked the Tarot tradition to the legendary Book of Thoth.

Replete with ancient and exotic symbols, these cards speak to the soul.

78 full-color cards plus instructional booklet

3 x 5 x 1 inches

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A unique and beautiful simulation of ancient Egyptian art combining traditional Tarot concepts and the mysticism of Egypt as described by Jean Baptiste Pitois (“Paul Christian”) in his fantastic and romanticized book, The History and Practice of Magic. Ideal for anyone working an Egyptian spiritual system or for people looking to examine past lives during the Egyptian period. The lack of the Rider-Waite-Smith images on the Minor Arcana may be a “deal breaker” for some Tarot readers, but learning the Tarot so you are not dependent on those images is well rewarded when you use this deck.

This is not a deck for everyone, especially since it doesn’t have the typical RWS images on the Minor Arcana. But if you’re interested in Egypt, the artistic Egyptian Revival, or Egyptian mysticism, this would be a great deck to add to the decks you use.

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