Elemental Magick : Reconnect with Nature Through Spells, Rituals and Meditations


By D. J. Conway

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Elemental Magick  – Reconnect with the natural world using the magick of the five elements of earth, air, water, fire, and spirit—written by one of the grand dames of witchcraft and magick.

For more than a thousand years, alchemists and magicians have worked with the four elements of the universe. While most spiritual seekers have a basic knowledge of these four elements, and the more nebulous fifth element, spirit, few realize that the energies of the elements are a key to their magical practice.

Elemental Magick offers readers insight into the inner teachings of the elements. Author D. J. Conway explains in depth the forces behind the elements and how they provide a framework for literally everything in the universe. She also explains the all-important and powerful element of spirit that belongs to each of the other elements and how these intimate connections allow the magickal energy to flow in a continuous circle of existence. By learning how to work with and balance the elements and their spirits, readers will better understand the larger process of balancing one’s life with the world around them.

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224 pages
Published: June 1, 2020

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