Your Essential Self: The Inner Journey to Authenticity & Spiritual Enlightenment


by Richard Harvey

Awaken to Your Inner World, Where Real Happiness Awaits

Discover the path of self-understanding, growth, and healing. Fulfill your divine potential. Empower yourself to live with authenticity and compassion. Your Essential Self is a comprehensive guide to personal and spiritual unfolding. Join psychotherapist and spiritual teacher Richard Harvey for a hands-on exploration of the three stages of human awakening?the process of self discovery, the transformation into authenticity, and the source of consciousness?to reconnect with who you really are.

Creating permanent positive change and living happily in the present moment are attainable goals. Your inner wisdom can be awakened, but only a unique inner journey will lead you to it. With stories from Harvey?s personal experience, case studies, questionnaires, and exercises designed to guide you toward self-realization, this book provides an integrated, practical method for attaining liberation and realizing your divine nature.

“The upper path to one’s highest possibilities is unmarked; no map leads to what is whole. But, if you’re on the way, this book will add needed light to your journey, and help you see what only the willing heart can see.”?Guy Finley, author of The Secret of Letting Go?and The Seeker, The Search, The Sacred

288 pages | 6 x 9 x 1

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Table of Contents


What is Your Essential Self? 5

Who is This Book For? 8

How to Use This Book 11


How We Come to Self-Exploration and Inner Work 15

A Crack in the Fabric 17

Dissatisfaction 22

Crisis 23

A Life-Changing Moment 27

?STAGE 1: The Process of Self-Discovery 34

  1. The Basis for an Inner Practice 34

A Response to a Deep Longing 34

Inner Work Practice 35

The Essential Practice of Awareness 39

The Art of Listening 46

  1. Identity, Separation, and Division 53

Going Back to Childhood: Deepening in the Present 53

Attachment to Personality and Character 59

Personal Stories 66

Giving to Ourselves: Working with Ego 72

  1. The Dynamics of the Inner World 79

The Lessons of the Father and the Mother 79

The Baggage of Inner Characters 89

Boundaries Enable Relationship 93

Personal Empowerment 98

  1. Relationships 105

Relationships and Projection 105

Ritualizing the End of a Relationship 109

The Path of Love 114

Acknowledgement and Support 119

  1. Stages of Transition 127

Thresholds of Maturity 127

Learning from Everything 144

The Seven Stages of Forgiveness 148

  1. A New Revolution in Awareness 158

The Thinning of the Veils 158

The Last Grains of Attachment 161

Healing the Original Wound 163

A Gate into New Consciousness 167

Remembering and Wholeness 171

?STAGE 2: The Transformation into Authenticity 176

  1. Becoming Who You Are 176

The Bridge of Authenticity 177

Alone on the Threshold 178

Waiting 181

Doing and Being 183

Clearing Up Loose Ends 187

Life Transforms 190

  1. Responding from the Heart 195

Destiny and Purpose 195

Inhabiting the Heart: Practicing Compassion 199

Can We Love Enough? 202

  1. Stabilizing in Transformation 206

The Four Stages of Ego 206

Aging 209

Death 214

Love 218

  1. Ways to Realization 224

Group Practice, Commitment, and Letting Go 224

Spiritual Questions and Divine Lessons 229

Beyond Contradiction and Paradox 233

Does Inner Work End? 238


STAGE 3: The Source of Consciousness 242

  1. Becoming the True Self 242

Psycho-Spiritual Unfolding: Beyond Being and Experience 242

  1. Realizing Our True Nature 247

Beyond the Shadows of the Divine 247

Experiences of Transcendence 251

De-Spelling Illusion 255

The Divine Nature of Personality 259

The Unattainable Goal 260

Now: Freedom and Fear 264

  1. Perpetual Illumination 271

No Teacher, No System 271

Who ?I? Really Am 274

Spontaneity and Surrender 280


?Bibliography 286

Index 289

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