Exploring Scrying: How to Divine the Future and Make the Most of It


By Ambrose Hawk

Exploring Scrying is designed help you obtain the skill of scrying with the use of a Step-By-Step , do it yourself approach that has worked for thousands of people.


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Table of Contents

Introduction: Exploring Scrying

Chapter 1: Just What Is Scrying

Chapter 2: What Passed in the Past

Chapter 3: Tell Me What’s Happening

Chapter 4: Get Ready

Chapter 5: Deeper Preparations

Chapter 6: Choosing Your Won Preparation

Chapter 7: Caring For Your Crystal Ball

Chapter 8: Dedication Ritual

Chapter 9: Crystal Glazing

Chapter 10: Cloudy, with Patches of Fog

Chapter 11: Getting Comfortable

Chapter 12: Why You? Why Not?



159 pages


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