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Gargoyle Bookends


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It is hard not to think deeply when surrounded by all these books. The Gargoyle Bookends place a thinking Gargoyle on either end of your shelf to keep your books in place. These resin bookends are hand-painted to resemble stone, and each one depicts a gargoyle deep in thought. One places his chin against his knee, and the other takes on the classic Thinker pose popularized by Rodin, but both of them have meditative smiles on their faces. They sit on gothic-style platforms with smaller inanimate gargoyles on columns flanking the walls behind them.

Perfect for your collection of books!

Size: 8 1/2″ X 4 3/4″ X 6 3/4″

Cold Cast Resin

Hand Painted


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Weight 3.9 lbs
Dimensions 9.25 × 9.25 × 7.25 in

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