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Grimoire of Aleister Crowley: Group Magick Rituals (NEW RELEASE)


By Rodney Orphesus

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Introduction by Lon Milo DuQuette


A Note On Safety


  1. The Ritual of The Mark of The Beast
  2. The Invocation of Horus
  3. The Invocation of the Holy Spirit (Isis)
  4. A Ritual to Invoke HICE
  5. A Rite of Isis
  6. Roots of Thelema I – A Mithraic Liturgy
  7. Roots of Thelema II – The Bacchanal
  8. The Brazen Head
  9. An Evocation of Bartzabel the Spirit of Mars
  10. The Supreme Ritual
  11. The Ritual of Consecration of a High Priest of L.I.L
  12. The Ritual of Initiation of a Thelemite
  13. Breaking of Bread
  14. The Mass of Babalon


  1. Rituals from Liber O
  2. The 72 Spirits of the Goetia
  3. Three Holy Books
  4. Ritual J
  5. Rituel de laFraction du Pain
  6. Cakes of Light

7″ x 10″

320 Pages with line illustrations

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