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Halloween! Customs ~ Spells ~ Receipes


By Silver Ravenwolf

Witches’ hats and harvest Moon
Ghosts that dance to haunted tune
Apples, goodies, food galore
Halloween has this and more!

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Just where did the autumn gaiety begin? Let Silver RavenWolf guide you through the cobwebby corners of time to uncover the history behind Halloween. Honor the spirit of this hallowed harvest holiday with:

  • Halloween magick: Prosperity Pumpkin Spell, Corn Husk Dolly, Solitary Harvest Moon Ritual
  • Magickal goodies: Candied Love Apples, Witches’ Brew, Sugar Snakes in Graveyard Dust
  • Halloween myths and superstitions: Black cats, scarecrows, pitchforks, witches, ghosts, and haints
  • Divination: Circle of Ashes and Stones, Magick Mirrors, Apple, Pumpkin Seed, and Water Divination
  • Rituals to Honor the Dead: The Dumb Supper, Samhain Fire, Soul Lights, Spirit Rattles and Spirit Bowls

goodreads Reviews:

By Donna · ★★★★★ · February 16, 2020 This was such a fun, informative book, right up the alley I needed with research for a witchy book I’m writing. It gave me the background information I was looking for without overloading me with detail, it gave me some spells, some tasty recipes that I look forward to trying, and some ritual work. ..

240 pages

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