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Harmonia Resin Incense Jar: Black Copal – Uplifting (3 oz)


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Black Copal Incense is known in Mexico as an Incense burned on the Day of the Dead. It has a heavy scent similar to Myrrh. It has been used for removing darker energy and exorcisms. Charcoal discs are highly recommended when using resins.

Copal Resin is one of the oldest forms of energy cleansing. It is considered sacred to the people of Mexico, South, and Central America. Copal has a very long history in the spiritual and metaphysical realm for removing negative energy, restoring a sense of peace and calm.

One of the uses of Black Copal Resin in Southern Mexico is in ceremonies with sacred mushrooms or in a sweat lodge. When the Spanish first arrived in Mexico Black Copal Resin was used in Catholic churches as a replacement of Frankincense.

Sold in a glass jar with flip closing lid

Source: India


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