Harmony Smudge Stick (5-6″) (Ancient Aromas – Authentic Native American Made Product!)


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Ancient Aroma’s Secrets embraces the use of “Sacred Bundles.” The wild crafted herbs are gathered and tied into a bundle by Kumeyaay Indians and recognized as an “Authentic Native American Made Product.”

The selected herbs follow traditional Indian customs, as practiced by generations for ceremonial purposes.?Contains mountain sage, sweet grass, cedar and lavender.

Bring blessings of serenity, peace, and harmony with this Harmony Smudge stick.

The pointed end of the bundle, while held over a bowel with sand is then ignited with fire.? Blowing on the glowing surface will provide the fragrance “Smoke.”

After “smudging”, rub out the lighted amber in the bowl of sand.? Then place the bundle on your sacred altar for future use.

Never leave burning smudge sticks unattended.

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