HOME BLESSING Custom Magick Spell Candle (CONSECRATED)


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You are purchasing a New Moon Cottage customized spell candle made specifically for you!

Each candle contains hand carved symbols, magickal herbs, a Sacred Offering, and is Ritually Consecrated by the Witches of New Moon Cottage … following a multi-generation New Orleans family tradition.

This is the real deal – you are not buying a glittery tourist candle!

Use For:

  • Home Blessing. Does your home feel like it has a lot of negative energy in it? Did you just move into a new apartment or home and want to remove the energy of the previous tenants? If so, this Ritually Consecrated candle is right for you!
  • Protect Family/Loved Ones – Do you have a family member going through a hard time? Will a family member or loved one be separated from you for a while … and you want someone to look over them? If so, this Ritually Consecrated candle is right for you!

CUSTOMIZE Your Candle: If you want your name, or another person’s name, carved in the candle, please include a note in the “Order Notes” box during checkout.

What’s Included in this purchase:

  • One White 7 Day Candle in a glass jar. White is the sacred color of Obatala and is used in asking for his help.
  • The following symbols are hand carved into your candle:
    • The word “Bless”
    • The Veve of Obatala. Obatala is the eldest of all Orisha and protects the family members and homes of those who know how to call upon him.
  • Sacred Offering – Your candle will be ritually consecrated with white rice, herbs, and an ancient sacred oil. Your candle will be anointed with sacred oil, herbs, and a small amount of uncooked white rice will be poured into the bottom of the candle during the consecration ritual. It is our sacred offering to Obatala.
  • Sorry, we do not provide the specifics of the consecration ritual – it’s a secret family ritual that’s been handed down from one generation to the next.

Allow 1-2 weeks to receive your candle. Your candle will be hand carved, and ritually consecrated, specifically for YOU at the time of your order.

How To Use:

  • Write, 8 times, on a piece of paper what you want – be very specific! Write the same thing 8 times.
  • Place the glass jar candle on top of the piece of paper.
  • Light the candle and say: “I call upon you, Obatala, the protector of family and homes. I call upon you to _____________”(state very specifically what you want). End your sentence with “So Mote It Be”
  • Light the candle for 8 consecutive nights in total. Each night it should burn for at least one hour. Not less than one hour. You can burn it longer if want – just not less than one hour.
  • After 8 days, you can put the candle away. This candle can be re-used for other rituals. BUT, during an active ritual, it can only be used for one purpose…that which you want most.

Measures 2 3/8 inches wide x 8 inches tall and burns for approximately 120 hours.

Made of 100% Paraffin Wax with a clean burning cotton wick (no lead).

Color pigment may vary from photo.

Never leave a burning candle unattended!


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