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Inside a Magical Lodge: Group Ritual in the Western Tradition


by?John Michael Greer

Inside a Magical Lodge by John Michael Greer reveals what has been hidden for centuries: the true secrets of what happens inside a magical or fraternal lodge. This revelation is obviously the work of a person who loves the lodge system and wants to see it continue. Some people involved in lodges have forgotten or ignored many of the symbolic and powerful aspects of the lodge. By revealing this information, the book saves and empowers lodges.

Inside a Magical Lodge does this without being focused on any one tradition. This adds to the value of the book because the information you learn here can be applied to any magical group, even if they are not following the lodge structure.

The book works on two levels. On the practical level it describes the layout of the lodge, including the responsibilities of the officers, the stations they occupy, and even how they should move during rituals. Greer even includes information on setting up your own lodge as a corporation.

On a spiritual level, the book includes information on building the group egregore, initiation, and rituals. In fact, the book includes fifteen rites for such things as invisibility, cleansing, sealing the aura, and more.

This book is a must for you if you are part of an order or are going to join one. If you want to create your own order you will find that this book has everything you need to know in order to take advantage of the lodge structure. Whatever your purpose is, get your copy today.

360 pages | 6 x 9 x 1 inches

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In-Depth Description

For hundreds of years, certain secrets of magic have remained hidden within the confines of magical lodges. People who were not members of the lodges have wondered what was going on behind the guarded doors, and members were not talking.

But now, John Michael Greer opens those doors wider than they have ever been opened before. Inside a Magical Lodge reveals the secrets of what is done in a magical order in such a way that it can apply to virtually any magical group that works within a lodge model.

The book covers the history of the lodge structure, the physical layout of a lodge temple, and the fundamentals of ritual. Then it covers magic within a lodge, initiation, and why there needs to be secrecy about the lodge.

Greer gives examples of what goes on in a lodge, showing how the symbolism of a lodge can be completed, the basic officers, and even gives a sample constitution for a magical order.

In these pages, you will find full instructions for performing fifteen rituals. These include rites of purification and consecration, opening and closing the lodge, initiation, sealing the aura, and invisibility. Over twenty illustrations clarify the text and show floor plans, suggested regalia, movement of the officers, consecration with fire, and more.

If you are a member of a lodge, or are considering joining one, this book is a must. With it you will better understand the nature of how lodges work, what they symbolically mean, and the secret of the lodge egregore. If you are involved with (or thinking about becoming linked with) groups such as the Golden Dawn, the Aurum Solis, the O.T.O., the Freemasons, or any other magical group, this book will help you find depth many of your “fraters” and “sorores” may not even realize. Even magical people who are not part of a lodge system, such as many Pagans, will find that this book will help them find new insights into their rituals.

But there is another person or group this book is especially designed for: People who want to create their own magical lodge. If you have ever even considered the possibility of starting a magical group, this book will become your most important guide. It has an entire chapter on this, considering everything from your choice of symbolism to deciding if you want to incorporate and get a tax exemption!

In the same chapter you will find information that applies to any group, new or old: how to deal with group process. Finally, you will find tips about how to find a lodge, how to join one, and the meaning of belonging to a lodge.

With this book you will truly understand, perhaps for the first time, why some of the most famous people in the world have been drawn to fraternal lodges. You will discover the benefits and the difficulties. In a sense, this book is an expose of the true nature of lodges, and how you can use them to enhance your spirituality and magick.

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