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Italian Witchcraft: The Old Religion of Southern Europe


by Raven Grimassi

Italian Witchcraft (previously titled Ways of the Strega) by respected author Raven Grimassi is more than just a book about Witchcraft. It is a complete Book of Shadows. In it you will find the history of this ancient tradition, its legends and myths, as well as the rituals and rites that you can do today. You can be a Strega!

The book includes a full set of rituals that you can do. You’ll find rituals for all of the Italian Witchcraft holidays including Shadow Fest, Lupercus, Tana’s Day and more. You’ll also find rituals for the Full Moon, births, funerals.

There is a practical side to this book, too. It is filled with instructions so that you can cast spells and work with the powers of incense, oils, herbs, and candles. You’ll learn to work with the magick of the Moon and Stars. You’ll be able to do protection rituals and learn how to cure someone who has received the “Malocchio” (Evil Eye).

Many of the mysteries revealed here have never been published before. You’ll learn secret gestures of power and secret symbols. And you can use them all! Also revealed are the secrets of the tools of the Italian Witch. You’ll learn how to prepare the “Spirit Blade” and the ritual wand. You’ll learn how to make the Spirit Bowl and use to consecrate other tools and talismans.

If you’re looking to discover real Witchcraft, or if you’re already a Witch but are thinking about other traditions, this is the book for you.

336 pages | 8 x 9 x 1 inches

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In-Depth Description

Religion has always been an important part of life in Italy. When Christianity became dominant, the Pagan faiths that had once abounded went underground and became the tradition known as Stregheria. This ancient faith is now revealed in Italian Witchcraft (previously titled Ways of the Strega) by respected author Raven Grimassi whose personal students have included Scott Cunningham and Donald Michael Kraig.
In these pages you will discover the ancient secrets of the Italian Witches, many of which have never before been published. You’ll find the secret hand gestures of power and the seasonal festivals. You’ll discover the secret of the Spirit Bowl and how it is used to consecrate tools and talismans. The book also discusses the home shrine known as the Lare House, a small shrine which is a must for the home of every Strega (Italian Witch).
For the first time you will find over 40 previously secret symbols and sigils used in Italian Witchcraft. You will also learn the secrets of raising power and cleansing the aura.
Italian Witchcraft is based on the teachings of Aradia. Thus, it is also known as Aridian Witchcraft. Here, Grimassi shares the methods and rituals of this system for the Full Moon, seasonal holidays, and community transitions such as weddings and funerals. And of course there is the magic! You’ll learn how to cast spells and work with candles, oils, incense, herbs, and more. You’ll learn spells for protection and how to work with the Moon. Also included is the magick of the stars and the secret of Shadow Magick.
This book also includes the ancient legends of Aradia and her previously secret teachings. Put this all together and you will find that Italian Witchcraft is a complete grimoire, a Book of Shadows from a legitimately ancient tradition. And most importantly, it’s a tradition that you can practice today.
That’s right – Italian Witchcraft is ancient, but it is also modern and alive. This book shows you how you can practice this tradition and bring the magic and power of real Witchcraft into your life. In the 14th century, Aradia taught that if you practiced the “Old Ways” you would receive many gifts or powers including the ability to bring success in love, to bless and consecrate, to speak with spirits, to posses the knowledge of divination, to cure disease, and to have influence over wild beasts. If you follow the path of the Strega, you may receive these gifts, too.
If you want to discover how wonderful your life can be, if you want to learn how you can be in harmony with the God and Goddess, this book can show the way. It shares a complete system of Witchcraft that is ancient yet fully applicable to the issues of today. The one book you need to complete your knowledge of Witchcraft is the one that also fills you with secret knowledge. Get Italian Witchcraft, today!

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