Keepers of the Flame – Interviews with Elders of Traditional Witchcraft in America


by Morganna Davies and Aradia Lynch

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Many Witches spend their lives quietly practicing and perfecting their craft. But when such Witches become Elders, they may desire to emerge and pass the tradition on to a new generation. Keepers of The Flame offers their views on what the Craft was in the east, what it is today, and what it will be in the future.

This book is for the true seeker, willing to step behind the veil of the new Witchcraft to get a glimpse of those who live the Craft, having been initiated by mothers, grandmothers and other initiates who have gone before – those who treasure the Craft as an heirloom that passes through the generations either orally or in written form.

Included are interviews with Raymond Buckland (The Complete Book of Witchcraft), Elizabeth Pepper (Witch’s Almanac), Leo Martello (author, and leading “personality”) and Hans Holzer (author, and a leading authority on psychic phenomena).

Aradia Lynch is the High Priestess of Ivy Oak Grove of the New England Coven of Traditionalist Witches (N.E.C.T.W.), who has been practicing and teaching the Craft for 20 years. She is a founding member of Free Spirit Alliance, and a respected reader and teacher of Tarot and regularly featured at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. She is also a Reiki Master and noted healer.

Morganna Davies, an Alexandrian Priestess, was a member of one of the early covens in the United States and founder of The Keepers of the Ancient Mysteries. Morganna has practiced and taught the Craft for 30 years and has lectured at universities throughout the United States.

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