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Licorice Root to Keep Your Lover Faithful (Cut) 1oz


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Licorice Root is used to keep your lover faithful to you.

How To Use:

  • Write your name and your lover’s name on a small piece of paper along with the words – Faithful To Me!
  • Anoint the paper with Domination Oil, or Commanding Oil, or Controlling Oil. Place some oil on your finger and rub it on the paper…saying Be Faithful to Me!.
  • Place the Paper with some Licorice Root in a mojo bag (red or black bag)
  • Hide the mojo bag so that it will not be found. ┬áDo not let anyone else touch the mojo bag.

The herb may come with more green or more brown depending on the harvest each shipment comes from.

Sold for magickal purposes only.

Not intended for internal consumption. A health care provider should be consulted prior to taking any herbs internally.

Reference: Famous Voodoo Rituals and Spells by H. U. Lampe – A Voodoo Handbook





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