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The Living Temple of Witchcraft Volume One: The Descent of the Goddess


by Christopher Penczak

Venture deeper into the mysteries of witchcraft and discover within yourself new levels of wisdom, love, power, and responsibility. In the fifth installment of the award-winning Temple of Witchcraft series, popular author Christopher Penczak explores the Descent of the Goddess. In the myth of Inanna, the Goddess journeys through seven gates to attain entrance to the Underworld and learn its secrets. In this unique book on witchcraft, you will parallel this descent by journeying through each of the seven chakras, symbolically evolving from survival to a state of divinity. Each lesson has meditations based on the teachings of this journey, as well as an advanced discussion of a key facet of magick or witchcraft often overlooked by intermediate books:

A pagan exploration of the Great Ages ? The measure of initiation
The reason for being skyclad ? Power and the Right and Left Hand Paths
The power of healing ? Ethics and codes of conduct ? Working with soul history
Working with your Master-Teacher ? Discovering your own spiritual laws
Receiving your secret names of the Goddess and God

The Living Temple of Witchcraft, Volume One: The Descent of the Goddess is for solitaries, eclectics, and non-traditional witches who are ready to integrate the mysteries and magick into their ministry and share their gifts with the world.

408 pages | 8 x 9 x 1?inches

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“Powerful, dynamic, full of wisdom, amazing! The Living Temple of Witchcraft is a soul’s delight of travels into the inner realms for beauty, truth, understanding and enlightenment. Christopher Penczak is a true teacher of the mysteries.”
?Rosemary Ellen Guiley, author of The Encyclopedia of Witches, Witchcraft & Wicca

“Journey further down the path of mystery, ministry and magick. The Living Temple of Witchcraft: Part I is a thought provoking guide and valuable tool for personal transformation. This book will be invaluable resource to teachers, Priests and Priestesses of the Craft.”
?Ellen Dugan, author of Natural Witchery & Garden Witchery

“To continue and to supplement his Inner Temple of Witchcraft, Outer Temple of Witchcraft, and Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft, Christopher Penczak here looks at the fundamentals of the Craft in terms of Magic, Mystery and Ministry. Christopher describes the material in this volume as “the trunk of the tree”; the tree of the knowledge of his teachings. Much like his others, this is an eminently practical book; a valid teaching tool that will progress you along your chosen path. All such paths need a trustworthy guide. Christopher Penczak is such a guide. He here proves himself experienced and knowledgeable. You may safely place yourself in his hands.”
?Raymond Buckland, author of Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft

“Christopher Penczak is a sharp writer and a talented Witch. He offers here a book of focus and skill that will be a great help on your path.”
?Deborah Lipp, author of The Elements of Ritual and The Study of Witchcraft

“What a pleasure and most certainly a privilege it was to keep company with and listen to Christopher Penczak’s lessons/workshop/ lectures; his humour is marvellously universal; and better still, funny. I was impressed and the opinion that the good teachers of the Craft have always been at their best when young was once again confirmed. Christopher is a vibrant man with vast knowledge and understanding of the mysteries. He has none of the pomposity which is so apparent in many public Craft speakers.”
?Maxine Sanders, Author of Fire Child and Alexandrian Elder

“It is a joy for me to share these comments. I began my training for Initiation when Christopher was not yet two years old. As one of the elder Wiccans around, I have seen a profusion of books being written about Wicca yet only a few authors begin to grasp the depth and wonder of Wicca as a valid Mystery Tradition. Reading Christopher’s books and coming to know him as a fellow author and educator, he is, in my opinion, the finest of the new generation of Wiccan educators and authors. Beginning with The Inner Temple of Witchcraft and The Outer Temple of Witchcraft, among his other books, Christopher has prepared the student for this major working of self-discovery and wisdom. In this new two-volume series, he offers the serious student a well-crafted and intelligent path into the Mysteries of Witchcraft. Readers can place themselves safely into Christopher’s care, reading this thoughtful, well-constructed text and working with the projects and meditations which allow for guided study. Few books have ever been written capable of guiding a solitary practitioner into the inner mysteries. He takes the student through the initiatory concepts and practices of the seven archetypes which have been known to many generations of wise people in many cultures which, if this work is embraced, will bring the reader into the joys of spiritual wisdom.”
?Rev. Paul Beyerl, Author of The Master Book of Herbalism, The Holy Books of the Devas and founder of The Rowan Tree Church

“Christopher Penczak has assembled a comprehensive summary of initiatory and magical techniques from many ancient traditions in this valuable resource book. But he has done more, for he shows the reader, with clarity and precision, how such traditions and textual sources have a thread of spiritual and transformative connection with one another, and how they may be used in new ways in a modern practice of witchcraft and magic. He also allows the student to make conscious choices, rather than dictate any one dogmatic path or tradition, offering multiple ways in which the inner calling to witchcraft can be brought through into the waking mind. In the 21st century, revival witchcraft and paganism emerges into a new phase of maturity, and readers are fortunate to have a new generation of writers whose work comes from dedicated practice and experience rather than from sensationalism and posturing. Christopher’s book combines research, integrity, and experience, and gives the student substantial material to explore and practice.”
?R. J. Stewart, musican, composer, and author of more than 40 books including The Living World of Faery and Advanced Magical Arts

“Christopher Penczak is a gentle priest with lightning bolts at his fingertips. He has power and wisdom balanced within himself and his teachings.”
?Laurie Cabot, author of Power of the Witch and Celebrate the Earth

“A Witch both traditional and modern, Penczak manages to combine no-nonsense practicality with the underpinnings of a deeper theological exploration.”
?T. Thorn Coyle, author of Evolutionary Witchcraft and Kissing the Limitless

“A well-written, inspired and in-depth course on witchcraft and associated magical traditions; this comprehensive guidebook is a priceless treasure for the true seeker focused on the balanced and integrated development of self as a spiritual, magical and ethical being. Once again Christopher gifts us with sound, sane and safe magical practices with profound implications.”
?Orion Foxwood, author of The Faery Teachings and The Tree of Enchantments.

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