Modern Guide to Energy Clearing


By Barbara Moore

Create Your Best Self and Live Your Purpose

Transform your life with Barbara Moore’s complete guide to working with energy. Usable by anyone, regardless of spiritual path, this friendly and down-to-earth book shows how to make a personalized toolkit of techniques for any circumstance, from clearing long-standing blocks to cultivating the energy you want.

Modern Guide to Energy Clearing helps you develop a practice that works for you and the life you’re living right now. You’ll first learn to clear inappropriate energy and maintain healthy energy within yourself. Then you’ll expand that energetic wellness into your home, your workplace, and other shared or public spaces. Explore numerous techniques, including personal clearing, cording, shielding, clearing clutter, setting intentions, and addressing the elements. Build good energetic habits using a variety of tools, including sage, incense, runes, candles, wind chimes, crystals, drums, and blessings. This inspiring book offers guidance on bringing peace and abundance not just to your life, but also to the world.

Modern Guide to Energy Clearing is a book designed so you will actually work with it, returning many times over to deepen your understanding and broaden your clearing practices.”?New Spirit Journal

240 pages | 5 x 8 x 1 inches

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Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Part 1: Spiritual and Energetic Well-Being 9
Chapter 1: Defining Terms 13
Chapter 2: Energy Health Basics 23

Part 2: Personal Care 31
Chapter 3: Energy-Clearing Techniques 37
Chapter 4: Techniques for Containing and Cultivating Energy 63
Chapter 5: Preparing to Clear 93
Chapter 6: Identifying Emotional Blocks 103
Chapter 7: Identifying Mental Misdirection 119
Chapter 8: Your Personal Energy Practice 139

Part 3: Your Environment 155
Chapter 9: Your Personal Space 157
Chapter 10: Co-Creating the World Through Blessings 179

Conclusion 197

Appendix A: A Sampling of Blessings 199

Appendix B: Serving the Old Bone Mother 203

Bibliography 207

Index 211


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