Numerology for Beginners: Easy Guide to: Love, Money & Destiny


by Gerie Bauer

Get fresh new insight into your personality, energy cycles, and future with numerology. Numerology can answer dozens of questions about character traits, upcoming opportunities, careers, and relationships?all you need is a name, a birth date, and this book! Within minutes, you can learn how to use the numbers 1 through 9 to calculate the energy vibrations around almost anything in your life?from love to the lottery. You can also determine in advance what sort of opportunities are in your future.

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Imagine two men. One is named Frank. The other is named Clarence. Just from their names you might come up with different pictures of what they are like. Why is that?
The answer is that names contain certain sounds based on the vibration of the letters. If you could decode the meaning of those letters, you could discover amazing insights about yourself and others.
Now you can do exactly that with Numerology for Beginners by Gerie Bauer. Numerology begins by giving numerical values to letters. Add the numbers in a name. If the sum is ten or more, you add the numbers of that sum and repeat until you get one digit that is the number of your name. That number is then interpreted according to tradition. Full descriptions for each number are right in the book.
Numerology is that simple, but there is lots more you can add. For example, the consonants of your name reveal your real personality. The vowels of your name reveal your secret desires. And the sum of all the letters in your name indicates the direction in which you should find your success and happiness. Complete interpretations of each number are found right in these pages.
This information alone makes the study of numerology valuable, but there is lots more! The date on which you were born can be interpreted, too. The month, date, and year give you your destiny number. If your destiny number is a 5, you will have a predisposition to travel. If it is a 4, you will have a “nose-to-the-grindstone” nature. By knowing these things, you can guide your life. You can also figure out if you and someone else will make a good match in friendship, business, or love. The book gives the analysis of each number ? you do the rest!
You can also use numerology to determine the challenges and opportunities you will face in any given year. Just take your birth month and day and add it to the year you want to investigate. Full information on the meaning of each “Personal Year” is included. Of course, a year can be a large period of time. Add your birth month and day to that of any month and year and you get your “specific month.” Read the book to see the meaning of your month.
The day on which you were born carried with it certain powers that were bestowed upon you as well. Were you born on the 26th? You are strong, ambitious and intelligent. Were you born on the 8th? Material and financial matters are where you shine. Much more information is listed for every date, and you can read about it here.
Virtually every number in your life has meaning, and you can find out exactly what it is in Numerology for Beginners. Even if you’ve never tried to do any sort of divination or relationship analysis, you’ll find that it is all easy to do and surprisingly accurate. Numerology has been used for thousands of years to help people get ahead. You can use it too!

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