Palm Reading for Beginners: Find Your Future in the Palm of Your Hand


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Palmistry, the art of reading palms, is one of the oldest of the occult arts. How old? There are imprints of palms in the innermost parts of the Santander Caves in Spain, showing how important hands were to people in that area during the Stone Age. Current theories of palmistry go back over 2500 years. At that time, Aristotle wrote a book on palmistry for Alexander the Great. There is nothing in that book that a modern-day palmist would dispute.
One of the great things about learning palmistry is that you don’t need any external tools, no crystal balls, no cards, no books with calculations or computers. All you need is your knowledge and a person’s hand.

If you have ever wondered about palmistry and wanted to learn its secrets, you should get Palm Reading for Beginners by Richard Webster. This book will give you the basic grounding and information you need to read palms.

Actually, calling it “palm reading” is a misnomer. In actuality, you read everything from the wrist to the finger tips. This book covers it all. It begins by looking at the entire hand, including the meaning of the color of the hand, the the shape of the palm, the shape of the fingers, skin texture, and even the flexibility of the palm. Next it looks at the four major lines on the hand. The heart line gives a clear picture of your emotional and love life. The head line reveals how you think. The life line shows how much you enjoy life and how passionate you are about life. The destiny line gives a sense of purpose in your life. The interplay of these four lines shows exactly how you are using your emotional, mental, and physical senses.

The book has fifty illustrations to make everything clear. For example you’ll see where the sister line (also known as the line of Mars), worry lines, and protective squares are, and you can check the text to see what they indicate.
One of the most difficult things in palmistry is figuring out when predicted future events are liable to occur. This book will teach you how to figure out the timing with amazing accuracy. It also shows you where to find all of the minor lines and how to interpret them.

You will also learn how to interpret the fingers, the nine areas on the palm known as the mounts, and various marks on the hand. Finally, Webster shows you how to put it all together to give an in-depth reading.

This book assumes nothing. That is, it doesn’t assume you know anything about palmistry. It explains everything in a way you can understand and quickly make into one of your best psychic reading techniques. It even includes a list of more than fifty books you can study to add to your knowledge of palmistry. For learning how to read palms, this is the place to start.

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