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Path of the Moonlit Hedge



by Nathan M. Hall

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Rewild Your Soul and Deepen Your Relationship with Our Interconnected World

Discover an exciting approach to witchcraft that teaches you how to see and work with the life in all things, from animals and plants to rocks, rivers, and beyond. Nathan M. Hall provides an in-depth and thoughtful exploration of animism, guiding you down the path of the moonlit hedge with more than thirty exercises that support the needs of your wild soul.

This book builds your magickal foundation through journeying and trancework, helping you connect with natural energies and patterns of the earth. You’ll meet and partner with spirits of the land, perform meditations and spells that strengthen your commitment to the craft, and learn how to cross the hedge (enter the spirit world) to participate in the Witches’ Sabbat. By adopting this magickal worldview, you can create balance within yourself and empower your work as a witch.


“An important guide for self-care and personal development…This book, geared for the newcomer and long-term practitioner alike, will help you to create daily practices that are rooted in the power and stability of the natural world.”—Rev. Wendy Van Allen, author of Relighting the Cauldron

“The Path of the Moonlit Hedge follows Nathan’s journey of healing and transformation to become enmeshed with the life of nature and the calling of his soul. The insights, techniques, and rituals he shares are the summation of his experience and are new and meant for this new era. At the same time, the blood of the ancients informs this book, and the timeless hands of many spirits have touched this work. If you are looking to refresh your connection to the primal powers or begin the work for the first time, The Path of the Moonlit Hedge will serve you well.”—Ivo Dominguez Jr., author of Four Elements of the Wise

224 pages
6 x 9 x 1 IN

Pub Date: May 2023

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