Practical Magic for Beginners: Techniques and Rituals to Focus Magical Energy


by Brandy Williams

Anyone can practice magic to improve their everyday lives. Practical Magic for Beginners is a straightforward introduction to magical practice for Christians, Pagans, Jews, atheists, and people of all religious traditions.

This comprehensive training course presents the foundations of spellcraft and ritual magic through short, simple exercises. Readers explore their energy and senses, and then move on to developing skills in extrasensory perception, divination, and introspection. Magical timing, magical processes, ritual space and tools, journaling, and dreamwork are explained and discussed in depth. This nondenominational guidebook also includes twenty rituals related to friendship, love, prosperity, health, and other common concerns.

288 pages | 5 x 8 x 1 inches

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Table Of Contents 

List of Exercises xi

Introduction 1

Introduction to Practical Magic
Introduction to the Author 4

ONE Moving Energy 9

TWO Expanding the Senses 19
Journals 23

THREE Sight 25

FOUR Sound 35

FIVE Feeling and Movement 47

SIX Using All the Senses 61
Be Here Now 62
Memory 62
Dreamwork 64
Psychic Development 67
Innerspace 72

SEVEN Working with Energy Fields 79

EIGHT Energies of Objects 93
Handling Objects 93
Cleansing 95
Charging 99

NINE Energy for Protection 101
Warding 103
Cleaning and Charging a Warded Space 108
Dismantling Wards 110

TEN Elements and Planets 113
Planets 113
Elemental Energy 119

ELEVEN Magical Timing 125

TWELVE Magical Processes 139
Frazer’s Laws 139
Polarity Magic 140
Synthema 141
Energy Return 141


Divination 142

The Pyramid 146

Ritual Results 149

Statement of Intent 149

Types of Results 150

Future-Pacing 152

Have Faith in the Rite 153

Assessing the Results 154

Dare to Dream 156

Ritual Space and Tools 157

The Circle 157

Ritual Tools 160

Tool Storage and Permanent Altar 165


The Ritual Outline 169

Find a Home 177

Get a Job 181

Get a Job Now! 186

Support of Your Colleagues 188

Need Money Now! 191

Prosperity 193

Take a Trip 197

Go on a Journey 201

Circle of Friends 205

Control Time 209

For Justice 212

Emotional Healing 215

Protection 218

Physical Healing 221

Healing Another 224

A New Love 227

Sustain a Love 231

Release a Love 234

Creative Inspiration 237

Find a Spiritual Path 240

Afterword 245
Glossary 249
Bibliography 255
Index 261

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