Reclaim the Power of the Witch: Making Magic Make Sense


By Monte Plaisance

In an effort to bring witchcraft back to its roots, Monte Plaisance presents a straightforward look into the world of the Witch. Plaisance tackles one of the most often misinterpreted aspects of witchcraft: the elements of magic.

This is not a book of magical recipes or spells, but rather a serious look at what goes into making magic work: will and intent. Writing from years of experience, he demystifies the growing religion of Wicca and dispels popular myths created by TV and movies.

This book offers a sweeping survey of the sources and influences of witchcraft from many cultures, showing that much of modern magick has its roots in Greek and Roman Mythology. Including chapters on divination, ritual, dreams and dreamwork, practical magical tools, and more, this book invites each reader to reclaim the power of the Witch.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Witchcraft in Ancient Greece and Rome

  • Hekate and the Witches of Thessaly

Chapter 2: Witchcraft and the Art thereof

  • Concerning Witchcraft and Christianity
  • Concerning the Practicing of Magick
  • Concerning the Tenets of the Craft
  • Concerning the Thirteen Spiritual Laws

Chapter 3: The Witch’s World

  • Concerning Coven Structure and Practices
  • Concerning Reincarnation and Karma
  • Concerning the Triple Division of the World
  • Concerning the Five Elements of Creation

Chapter 4: The Eight Ways of Making Magick

  • Concentration
  • Invocations, Spells, and Chants
  • Astral Projection
  • Potions
  • Dancing
  • Cord Magick
  • The Scourge
  • The Great Rite

Chapter 5: The Witch’s Symbols: The Pentagram and Circle

  • Concerning the Pentagram
  • Concerning the Uses of the Pentagram
  • Concerning the Magick Circle

Chapter 6: The Witch’s Tools

  • Concerning Magick Cords
  • Concerning the Athame
  • Concerning the Magical Wand
  • Concerning the Chalice and the Pentacle
  • Concerning the Book of Shadows
  • Concerning the Witch’s Bottle
  • Concerning Candles
  • Concerning the Use of Statues for Worship

Chapter 7: Spiritual Baths

  • Concerning the Preparation of the Bath
  • Concerning Bath Teas

Chapter 8: Herbs and their Uses

  • Concerning the Uses of Herbs for Health and Healing
  • Concerning the Use of Herbs for Magick
  • Concerning the Green Blood
  • Concerning Incense and Fumigations
  • Concerning Magical Protection

Chapter 9: Dreams and Sleep

  • The Science of Sleep
  • The Stages of Sleep
  • How to Charge and Use a Magical Dream Stone
  • How to Make and Use a Tea to Enhance Your Dreams

Chapter 10: Divination – Consulting the Deities

  • Witch’s Coin Divination
  • Concerning Whether to Work Magick for Others

Chapter 11: Gods, Goddesses, and Other Spirits

  • Concerning Patron Deities
  • Deities Associated with the Coin Patterns
  • Concerning Offerings and Sacrifices
  • The Deities and Their Offerings
  • Concerning the Watchers

Chapter 12: Invocation – Summoning Spirits and Deities

  • A Rite to Summon an Elemental Spirit Familiar
  • A Rite to Summon a Discarnate Spirit Familiar
  • Summoning an Animal Spirit Familiar
  • The Great Rite

Appendix: Colors and Their Magical Properties


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