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Red Seven Knob Candle For Power, Strength, Courage, & Love Spells


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Red 7 Knob candles are very powerful ritual tools for casting spells!

Red 7 Knob Candles can be used for:

  • Adding POWER to ANY Spell/Ritual
  • Strength
  • Love Spells
  • Courage
  • Protection

How to Use Your Red 7 Knob Candle:

  • You can carve a word or symbol into the knobs and/or anoint with oil.
  • Hold the candle in your dominate hand and state EXACTLY what you want. BE VERY SPECIFIC!
  • Burn one knob a day. Each day as you light a knob, state EXACTLY what you want.
  • After the last knob burns down, throw away any remaining wax.
  • Each knob should have the same focused intention.

How Does The Candle Work: Candle magic works on the same principle as any magic ? it combines an intention with an action in order to produce an effect.?The candle is a tool to help you manifest your intention. Your job is to charge it with your energy and intent.

Candle may require leveling to stand perfectly straight. Styles may vary from the photo.

Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Burn on a candle holder to protect your altar/furniture.


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