RED SNAKE Candle to Manifest Desires, Break Curses, or Hex Someone


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The red snake candle is a very versatile ritual tool that can be used for many magical purposes.

Possible uses:

  • Power
  • Manifest Desires / Success
  • Protection
  • Banishing
  • Breaking Curses/Hexes
  • Destroying Negative Energy
  • Binding Enemies
  • Hexing/Cursing an Enemy

It allows you to conduct a ritual in secrecy. The snake carries your intentions out into the Universe in a covert manner.

Anoint the candle with Snake Oil to add extra power to the spell. You can also anoint the candle with an oil specific to the spell that you are performing … like love spell oil, money oil, banishing oil, controlling oil etc


Approx 8 inches. May require some leveling at the base.

Sold individually

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