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Rich Bitch Wicked Witch Mojo Candle – When You Need a Magical Miracle (Limited Edition)


Wicked Witch Mojo Candle by Dorothy Morrison

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The most effective money manifestation formula on the market – Bar None! Searching out that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is great fun, but it’s a lot of work – especially when the odds of a positive outcome are slim to none. Wouldn’t you rather just have the tools necessary to be a Rich Bitch, and save all that hassle? Well, now you can!

Words of Mojo: Cash in my pockets, the bank, and my hands: A never-ending amount is what I demand. With a cash flow beyond that of which I could dream. Brought quickly to me in a strong steady stream. So a rich Bitch I am and a Rich Bitch I’ll be. Bring it right now and let it flow to me!

Size: 2″ x 4″ Pillar
Burn Time: 40 hours
Color: Bright green
Scent: Sharp floral lemony

Remove all packaging before lighting.
Never leave a burning candle unattended.
Place in a fire-safe container.
Keep away from drafts, flammable objects, children, and pets.

We’ve done all the work for you – each blend of herbs and oils is specially chosen to complement the intention of the candle.

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