Ritual Craft: Creating Rites for Transformation and Celebration


by Amber K and Azrael Arynn K

You can change yourself and your world with effective, focused rituals. This book by renowned Witches Amber K and Azrael Arynn K shows you how to craft powerful and meaningful rituals for your life, your family, and your spiritual community.

The authors share their vast knowledge of ritual planning and performance, providing a framework for creating your own successful rituals. They illustrate the principles of ritual crafting with stories from their own experiences as they explore a variety of topics, including rites of passage, esbats and sabbats, seasonal celebrations, rites for personal transformation, and rituals done simply for the fun of it.

You’ll find information on all aspects of ritual including correspondences, timing, environment, attitude, music, meditation, altars, tools, costumes, and safety. This comprehensive book also offers worksheets, outlines, suggested themes, sample rituals, and a guide to teaching others.

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned practitioner, this comprehensive guide will help you take your own Witchcraft to new levels of significance, celebration, and personal transformation.

“This is a wonderful book, and is highly recommended to anyone doing ritual.”┬áLisa McSherry, FacingNorth.net

Winner of the 2007 COVR Book of the Year award

624 pages | 7 x 10 x 1 inches

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Table of Contents

An Introduction: Why RitualCraft
Section 1
an overview of ritual
1. What Is Ritual
2. Rituals Around the World
3. Best and Worst Rituals
Section 2
the design and construction of ritual
4. You as Ritualist
5. The Steps of Ritual
6. Clarifying Your Purpose
7. The Ritual Mind
8. The Language of Correspondences
9. Participants in Ritual
10. The Environment of Ritual
11. The Timing of Ritual
12. The Visual Aspects of Ritual
13. Speech and Sound in Ritual
14. Music in Ritual
15. The Feel of Ritual
16. Guided Meditation in Ritual
17. Altars and Ritual Tools
18. Costumes in Ritual
19. Safe and Appropriate Ritual
Section 3
rituals small and large
20. Ritual for One or Two
21. Ritual for Families
22. Ritual for Small Groups
23. Ritual for Large Groups and Public Gatherings
Section 4
the varieties of ritual
24. Ritual for the Moon and the Seasons
25. Rites of Passage
26. Ritual for Personal Transformation
27. Ritual for the Fun of It
28. Teaching Ritual
In Conclusion: Crafting Ritual
Section A
tools for ritualcrafting
A-1 Basic Ritual Steps
A-2 Ritual Preparation Worksheet
A-3 Circle Casts and Quarter Calls
A-4 Ritual Theme Ideas
A-5 Samhain Ideas
A-6 7 or So Habits of Highly Effective Ritualists
A-7 A Toolbox of Ritual Resources to Collect
A-8 Sources for Supplies
A-9 Quick Reference for Selected Deities by Attribute
A-10 Magickal Symbols
A-11 Language of Correspondences
A-12 Sacralizing Outdoor Spaces
A-13 Songs and Chants and the Spiral Dance
A-14 Handfasting Outline
A-15 Ritual Critique
Section B
readings for use in ritual
B-1 Charge of the Goddess
B-2 Charge of the Dark Goddess
B-3 Charge of the Earth Mother
B-4 Rede of the Horn?d One
B-5 Caim of Bride
B-6 I Am
B-7 Descent of Inanna

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