Sacred Paths for Modern Men: A Wake Up Call from Your 12 Archetypes


by?Dagonet Dewr

Roar ,?Rule,?Laugh,?Create,?Destroy,?Love … and lay claim to your true masculine nature and spiritual heritage.

According to Dagonet Dewr, a writer and activist in the men’s pagan spirituality movement: “We have forgotten how to cry, to scream, to hunt, to love, to honor, to teach, and to initiate.”

Hip, funny, and direct, this pagan belief guide explores twelve powerful male archetypes and their relevance for men today: Divine Child, Lover, Warrior, Trickster, Green Man, Guide, Craftsman, Magician, Destroyer, King, Healer, and Sacrificed One.

Stories of characters from mythology, fantasy, and pop culture illustrate different expressions of masculine energy. With pagan rituals and magickal workings, this pagan book offers a visceral, hands-on way to connect with archetypal energies and honor male rites of passage such as coming of age, seeking a partner in love, or becoming a father.

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Table of Contents

Introduction VII
I: mapping out the Journey 1
II: twelve Sacred names 9
III: the divine child 15
Apron Strings and wiser things
IV: the lover 37
Conquest, union, and Surrender
V: the Warrior 53
Soldiers, knights, and collateral damage
VI: the trickster 77
Looks can be deceiving
VII: the green man 95
Feeling the cycle turn
VIII: the guide 115
It?s not the destination, it?s the road
IX: the craftsman 133
Forging, Shaping, testing, becoming
X: the magician 153
The colonizer of dreams
XI: the destroyer 175
Entropy trumps everything
XII: the king 195
The Sovereign of desire
XIII: the healer 213
Body, soul, mind, and spirit
XIV: the Sacrificed one 233
The end and the beginning
XV: afterword 251
The road from here
appendix I 255
Recipes, prayers, and rituals
appendix II 271
Converting sacred path rituals
to Solitary work

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